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Dancing Under The Stars

You’ll be “dancing under the stars” with our phenomenal atmospheric effect – the bliss light 15 generates an enormous universe of stars over a windblown blue nebula cloud field that will WOW your guests. The beams radiate at 160 degrees from the lens, covering all surfaces up to 100 yards. The Cloudfield pattern projects at about 45 degrees from the lens so that they will cover about 12′ round area when projected from the floor to an 8′ ceiling on a 45 degree angle. The farther the distance from the lens to the surface the wider the circle of the Cloudfield will be with effects reaching up to 40′ to 60′ away before the distinct cloud definition fades. Ambient lighting will diminish the effects which are always most distinct in completely dark areas. “Dancing Under The Stars” is an option that is included in our “The Next Level” and “The WOW Factor” packages, and can also be purchased as a rental.

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