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In addition to providing an exceptional mobile DJ service, we are proud to offer the following LIGHTING-ONLY options.
Each package includes same day delivery, setup and breakdown.


Take your wedding to the next level by decorating your room with cool-to-the-touch LED uplights. Used on walls, columns or other room accents, uplighting brings a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event.

Dancing Under The Stars

A simple way to add beauty to the space above you. You’ll be “dancing under the stars” with an amazing LED and laser effect that places hundreds of slow moving stars and dark blue clouds up above the dance floor to create a phenomenal atmosphere for you and your guests!

Color Wash

Choose from up to 96 vibrant colors to ‘wash’ your ceilings, walls or tables. These LED wash lights provide a broad coverage that can be used in combination with our uplighting to provide color from floor to ceiling!

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